A Step Above Dance & Music Academy offers many levels which are based on age, technique ability, and the director's recommendation.  All of our jazz classes are invited to perform in our annual Spring Performance.  Please contact our office to see which level will be best for you.

*We do require students 8 and under to take ballet along with a jazz class.  Ballet is the foundation of most dance styles and provides critical skills to succeed in other styles such as jazz.  This is why our dancers tend to have stronger technique than most!


Beginning Jazz

  • 30 to 45-minute class for children 5-10 years old. 
  • Class size is limited to 10 dancers. 
  • 3 different levels based on age, years of experience, and director's placement. 
  • Traditionally structured jazz classes work on basic coordination and body awareness and also introduce jazz terminology and movement. 
  • Simple warm up movement is introduced and students continue to progress in center and across the floor work.

Elementary Jazz

  • 45 to 60-minute class for children 9-12 years old with 0-3 years of experience. 
  • 2 levels ensure improvement.
  • Class size is limited to 12 dancers. 
  • Classes teach jazz terminology and movement to older beginning students. 
  • Classes are traditionally structuredand the curriculum is geared to incorporate the students into our intermediate curriculum.

Teen Jazz

  • 60-minute class for students 12-18 years old with 0-6 years of experience. 
  • Offered in 4 levels.
  • Classes teach jazz terminology and movement to older beginning students. 
  • Classes are traditionally structured and the curriculum is designed to challenge all dancers, whether they are returning after several years or have never taken jazz before.

Intermediate Jazz

  • Levels range from 45-minute classes to 90-minute classes. 
  • Students are 8-18 years old and placement in one of our 5 levels is determined by the director. 
  • Age-appropriate curriculum enables the students to build their technique and jazz vocabulary as they work towards more advanced work. 
  • Students in these levels will work with many different styles.

Advanced Jazz

  • 90-minute class. 
  • Placement is determined by the director only. 
  • Students are introduced to advanced concepts and techniques of jazz and movement for advanced development of their locomotive and body isolation skills.
  • Students will work with many different styles and concentrate on the performance aspect of jazz dance.